Our Guest Services

Meeting and Event Planning

Be our guest at Global Planners for the most outstanding corporate meeting or event experience imaginable. 

With worldwide experience, Global Planners is your comprehensive meeting planning partner for superior conference and event planning services.  We work directly with you and utilize all of our skills and resources to ensure a seamless, stress-free meeting planning process.  Our level of advanced expertise guarantees that the development and preparation phases of every aspect of your meeting or event—including destination selection, travel and event registration—are in the proven and capable hands of consummate professionals who specialize in personalized client services.

Cost Analysis and Monitoring

An essential part of surpassing your expectations is maximizing your budget.  Global Planners works directly with you throughout the entire meeting planning and development process, closely monitoring the costs associated with every detail.  We negotiate the best possible vendor contract rates available for you in all areas and have a proven ability to generate cost savings in areas you may not expect to find them.

Speaker & Business Session Planning

We communicate with your speakers to ensure the coordination of their audiovisual needs, as well as to gather their presentations.  Additionally, we create an audiovisual guide for each business session, which outlines the specific audiovisual and any other technological needs of that meeting session and the designee(s) responsible for implementation.  Our team also provides breakout coordination, including oversight of breakout rooms and set and re-set throughout breakout meeting sessions.

Theming, Content & Presentation Development

Global Planners maintains an astute team of Marketing Specialists with a proven ability to develop and achieve innovative themes for your event that reflect the precise tone and message you want to present.  We are skilled experts in building and planning graphical and 3-D presentations and props and will manage any and all rentals for you.  Whether you already have an idea in mind or need our assistance in developing one for you, Global Planners will work to turn it from mere concept to outstanding creation.

Customized Meeting Materials & Signage

We collaborate with you in creating the content of your welcome packet, personalizing your agendas, name badges and handouts, and selecting local attraction information for inclusion.  Global Planners’ services in this area also include customizing speaker/VIP packets and creating a moderator guide for your business sessions.  We offer standard signage for general purposes and we also have the capacity to create custom meeting signage for you.

Distinctive Food & Beverage Options

Our experienced Corporate Event Specialists have been trained in gourmet dining and wine preferences.  They assist you in presenting deliciously prepared, incredibly appetizing meals within your budget.  From appetizers to entrées to desserts and after-dinner cocktails, let Global Planners provide you with menu planning, wine selection and all the food and beverage details for your event.  We coordinate food and beverage options with your site’s Food & Beverage Director and/or House Chef, and can also coordinate with off-site restaurants and caterers.

Décor & Entertainment

Setting and dressing the stage for your event can be a complex part of the meeting planning process.  Do you go with something like potted palms or peace lilies or something more on the order of fresh-cut, tabletop floral centerpieces?  Do you need a band or a DJ, a magician or a comedian?  Global Planners can help you consider all your options and assist you in choosing the ones that are right for your event.  We also guarantee your wish is our command for décor and entertainment.  
VIP Experience & Special Amenities

Prior to your event, we provide a dedicated VIP travel and registration desk to meet the personal needs of your VIPs.  We are there to provide personalized pre-meeting information and materials and handle event registration services and special executive travel arrangements.  Global Planners works directly with your administration to develop a customized profile of the personal preferences and needs of your VIPs, as well as providing a dedicated VIP staff member on-site to fulfill their every request and need.  We also provide 24/7 on-site concierge service to VIPs.  Should your VIPs arrive at midnight, we will gladly greet them with their favorite meal... we leave absolutely nothing to chance.  Before your guest speakers and/or VIPs arrive, we personally inspect their suites or guest rooms.  We also greet them upon their arrival, and escort them to their destination.  Global Planners also coordinates the delivery of all your welcome gifts and/or amenities directly to the guest rooms of each of your meeting attendees.

Hospitality Services

Each member of Global Planners’ on-site staff is a talented professional who is friendly, personable and committed to the delivery of an outstanding level of service to each of your VIPs and attendees.  We are there to serve as your personal hosts, ensuring that each person in attendance enjoys a thoroughly rewarding experience. 

Post-Billing & Reporting

We believe in putting all your expenses in black—and—white.  Upon completion of your meeting or conference, in accordance with all contract terms, Global Planners will conduct a thorough audit of all invoices associated with your event, with all expenses itemized and broken out for your review and organized for your corporate files.  Additionally, we will submit a complete attendee roster and business agenda for your records, along with our final invoice for services rendered.