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Are you looking for enthusiasm, unparalleled personalized assistance and answers to your questions?  Fantastic, the "Red Shirts" of Global Planners are waiting for you!

The "Red Shirts" will meet and greet you with enthusiasm at your next meeting or event, escorting you to your destination.  We will deliver the best possible level of personalized service, be prepared with answers to all your questions, and bring a strong commitment to your success!  It is the "Red Shirts" who always makes the defining difference.

Our on-site staff members, uniformed in our signature red shirts, are knowledgeable meeting experts, highly trained in hospitality management.  They have proven themselves to have a genuine capacity for delivering the utmost standards in client service, and are frequently recognized by our clients themselves.  With Global Planners on your team, you will realize the incomparable professionalism, poise and expertise our staff exhibits in managing your event.


See What the "Red Shirts" are Saying...

"Teamwork ... it is the essence of the success of each meeting and/or event.  We work in seamless harmony to provide the appropriate balance, resulting in the accomplishment of our collective goals and objectives, which is to ensure your experience is unparalleled."

"My efforts and hard work are so valued at Global Planners, continuingly inspiring me to raise the bar, meeting after meeting."

"The emphasis placed on above and beyond client service is remarkable and I wear my red shirt with pride at each and every event."

"We live and breathe for our clients and meeting attendees.  It's both professionally and personally rewarding to know that we've made a difference in someone's day and brought a smile to their face."

"Our clients have great confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding meetings and events, and we take considerable pleasure in meeting and exceeding their expectations."

"If only I had found Global Planners early in my meeting planning career, no other company compares with the pleasant corporate culture."